Sideways Rain and Soup….

The online news sites are reporting that we had a week’s worth of rain in a night!! It’s confirmed, there’s no such thing as summer in Scotland – it’s a big government conspiracy! Summer is just a word in the calendar, that’s it. I got soaked from waist down on Monday morning trying to get into work. My usual bus stop was missing a wall which didn’t help, especially when sideways rain is quite common in Aberdeen. All was well when I finally got on the bus – I brought a flask coffee with me you see. I enjoyed that coffee more today then many other days. The fact that I didn’t need to pay stupid money at Starbucks or Costa made the coffee a lot tastier!
One thing good about this kind of weather is it makes you want to tuck into some simple and comforting meal, wrap up and just play the PS3 until bed time! (if your wife lets you) I’m glad Lisa made that soup. It’s perfect for a time like this!

Now that I think about it (Aberdeen weather) it’s not bad after all coz it encourages you to enjoy those lovely comforting dishes, wrap up and do nothing coz you can..
Lisa’s lentil, bacon and sweet  potato soup coming soon for those sideways rain days…
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