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Cheat’s Pasta and Meatballs with Arrabbiata Style Sauce

Arrabbiata Sauce is a spicy Italian sauce made with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Some variations will have onions, basil, parsley, sometimes even capers. Arrabbiata means “angry” in Italian. So All’arrabbiata can be translated to “angry style” referring to the spiciness of … Continue reading

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Simple Pasta with Chorizo

Remember that chorizo omelette I made recently? See Lunch ideas at work. I’m using the spare chorizo for a quick and easy pasta dish. You can drop in some chopped tomatoes and mild chilies to give this dish a slight … Continue reading

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Chilli done my way

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I love spicy food, I grew up in a world where having a spicy curry based dish for breakfast is norm. Most fast food restaurants back home serve chilli sauce as a standard instead of tomato sauce for your burgers and fries. So … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Coffee Pecan Cake

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I just couldn’t forget that lovely Coffee Pecan Gateaux I had from Peckham’s. It was delicious! I didn’t think coffee and pecans could work so well together in a cake! So I went about trying to create something similar back … Continue reading

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Gazpacho! a tomato and raw veg based soup.  I didn’t like the idea of having a meat-less cold soup to start with but Lisa was quite excited with the idea and tried it. I was  pleasantly surprised with the results! We liked … Continue reading

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Eatmairpie’s first pie recipe: Pork pies with thyme and chilli

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Pies!! I love them! What an invention! Everything about a pie is awesome! The pastry be it puff pastry, shortcrust or hot water crust. And the filling – there’s a filling to suit everyone, meat, veg, fruit, nuts and beans. If you … Continue reading

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Mocha Bread 2.0 with ‘sponge yeast’ under the hood..

So here we go, the results of my recipe tuning.. Mocha Bread 2.0. The previous version of this bread (see post) was a little dry and lacked enough cocoa.  Dont get me wrong,  it did taste fine when toasted but was just not … Continue reading

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